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 My name is Katherine Gutierrez and I came from Colombia in 2012.  was an immigrant and speaking poor English,but I never gave up with my dream and while taking ESL classes I was looking forward to keep studying in College.


After hours of work and saving I finally enrolled to LaGuardia Community College.Being a student of LAGCC have been the best experience of my life.


Majoring in Business Administration I have found how good the faculty at LAGCC is ,Professors are warm and caring about you and not in every college this happened.


Thanks to Laguardia I won the a scholarship ,I'm part of the student government association,President society 2015,Note taker for deaf students,E-portfolio scholars,DREAMers Advocate,volunteer in every activity inside and outside campus and also part of the University Student Senate.


Photo while campaigning for the Student Government Association


Student Orientation Helping .



Certification for being a helper in the job fair.


Also I have a blog:


Deviant Art page


And So on...


The website still in contruction.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.