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Welcome to the ASAP Resource Center's Official Website! 


The ASAP Resource center offers academic support to all ASAP students. This support is in the form of either Tutoring, Quiet study or Computer use.

Below is a brief introduction to the services B-208 offers ASAP students and how to use them: 


Tutoring: Tutoring is available as a walk-in service, no appointment is necessary. When arriving simply check in with the ASAP Frontdesk and we will match you with a tutor based on your needs and tutor availability. 


Please bear in mind that Subject availability varies throughout the week, it is best to come to the center early to find out when your subject/tutor would be available. 


For a detailed breakdown of each of our tutor's schedules, please visit the "Meet the Tutors" page available on the Lefthand menu bar. 


Computer Use: The ASAP resource center offers students basic computer lab support. This includes printing with a 10 page maximum for printing jobs.


Quiet Study: Quiet study tables are available in the ASAPRC as a place to hold group meetings. Please bear in mind that all students must belong to ASAP to use this service. 


Also please bear in mind that given the constant tutoring that occurs in the center, the quiet aspect of quiet study is subject to conditional availability. 


Questions, comments, complaints? Please email the Resource Center Director at Droze@lagcc.cuny.edu



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.