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Becoming Ready to Identify Different Grants to Enrich your College Experience



The goal of the B.R.I.D.G.E program is to empower you to identify and apply to scholarships to help alleviate the rising cost of attending college. Meeting these benchmarks will prepare you for applying to scholarships as you continue your education beyond LaGuardia Community College.





1st Semester - Learning about Scholarships

Become aware about the ASAP BRIDGE Program during initial meeting with your advisor and attend one "BRIDGE Scholarship Information Session". Be introduced to the types of scholarships, timeline, qualification criteria, requirements, and application process involved in finding and applying for scholarships. 


Any Semester - Using Resources to Find Scholarships

Participate in an interactive "BRIDGE: Scholarship Resource Workshop". Explore various websites and online databases while implementing search criteria to become familiarized with the process of searching for scholarships on the internet, using on-campus resources, and printed resources.


Any Semester - Scholarship Essay Support 

Draft a standard personal statement that can be adapted to various scholarships. Seek support for further revision by attending the writing center and specialized Group Advisement Essay Presentation.


Any Semester/ - Applying for Scholarships

Last Semester

Apply to at least one scholarship with special focus on transfer scholarships. Inform advisor of any scholarship that you have applied to and have been awarded. 




Navdip Hans - nhans@lagcc.cuny.edu

Jenny Mayorga - jmayorga@lagcc.cuny.edu

Charis Victory - cvictory@lagcc.cuny.edu






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.