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What is BMEC?

The Black Male Empowerment and Cooperative Program (BMEC) is a retention program designed to engage and empower you to be a lifelong learner and an active participant in your education. BMEC is a community of students connected to each other and the College through academic support services and mentorship.

Why Should I Join?

As a BMEC member you will have access to networking opportunities, personal guidance and academic tutoring. You will receive a mentor, and will be able to participate in our Real Talk sessions.

BMEC Mentors

Your mentor will help you see things in new and different ways. Mentors can be peers, faculty or staff who empower you to go beyond your comfort zone and inspire you to achieve success in your academic and personal life. BMEC will help you build the bridge to your success and beyond!

Real Talk Sessions: Engaging and validating students through dialogue

Come in and join the conversation! At Real talk sessions you will have the chance to take part in honest conversations with your peers about real life issues, ranging from relationships to family, employment, housing and finances. These sessions offer strategies for addressing life issues you may encounter while in college.LAG0123168848

For more Information, contact:

Manager: Darren Ferguson

Student Life - Room M-103       

(718) 349-3008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/internationalconnections/

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