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 This section has been provided to you to address frequently asked questions that have been expressed by both yourself and your peers.  


How to Make and Reschedule Appointments:  Appointments should be made and rescheduled through the front desk.  You may either stop by the office at B235 or call our front office number at 718-482-5921 to schedule your appointment.


Walk-In's:  You are encouraged to schedule and keep your appointments in advance.  Walk in's will not be accepted unless there is a legitimate emergency.  E-mails are strongly encouraged for general questions and you can anticipate a timely response.


Addressing Course Issues:  You are expected and required to report any issues with your courses immediately.  You should not wait until your next in-person appointment, group meeting, or walk-in to discuss issues.  If you have any issues with courses or anything else, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to your advisor through e-mail as soon as concerns arise.  


Tutoring and Remedial Courses:  As an ASAP student you have agreed to continuously enroll in your remedial courses until completed and to attend 2 hours of tutoring services for each remedial course enrolled in.  Failure to do both will make you ineligible for ASAP's benefits.  


What is Pathways?  http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/pathways/ 


$500 for Books for the Whole Year?  Yes, this is correct.  Each Fall, you will have an account at the college bookstore with $500 on it.  That doesn't go very far, right?  Not necessarily..  When you obtain your books in the beginning of the semester, the value of the books will be deducted from your account at the bookstore.  When you return the books during the week of finals you will receive cash back for the books.  YES, CASH. This money is meant to be used for the next session and the remaining funds on your account at the bookstore will also be made readily available to you for books.  As it has been explained to most of you, it is as if you are "recycling" the same money throughout the academic year.


How do I get a Metro Card?  Metrocard Vouchers are only distributed either by group meeting or individual appointment.  You will then be informed of the appropriate date to pick up your metrocard from the bursar. 


Why am I tired all of the time?  There are many factors that come into play when you are concerned about your sleep patterns.  This is a very common issue for college students and may be a result of physical or mental stress, or both.  If you feel that you are regularly tired, you should consult with a medical professional but may also reach out to myself, the Center of Health Services, and the Wellness Center for additional resources.  


Why should I get involved in clubs?  Extra-curricular actvities on campus are a great opportunity to get involved, build your resume, gain references and recommendations, learn valuable skills, and build life long friendships.  Whether you are looking to obtain a career or transfer to a 4 year college after LaGuardia, both employers and transfer schools are interested in knowing what you have done at LaGuardia aside from your academics.


For fun and for your own educational purposes, take a look at job postings in your field of interest and see what their qualifications are early on so you have sufficient time to plan.  You have the Degree in your hand but they are asking for hands on experience in the field as well, correct?  How are you expected to have experience for a position when you never held a job and how are you going to get any position if you cannot get your first job due to your lack of experience?  Many of you will face this dilemma either after LaGuardia or after you complete your next degree at your 4 year institution. The answer is simple - Volunteer, Student Worker Positions, Club Officer Positions.  These options may not sound too exciting if your goal is to arrive promptly to your 9 am class and go home promptly when your class finishes but getting involved during your time at LaGuardia Community College will pay off more than you can imagine later on.  Ask us if you are interested in exploring opportunities that you may benefit from here at LaGuardia.




LaGuardia Community College Frequently Asked Questions





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.