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Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed to enhance the LaGuardia experience for highly motivated students. We are looking for students who want the most out of college and who desire stimulating academic challenges.

LaGuardia's growing Honors Program is designed to promote a rigorous academic experience for talented, intellectually curious, motivated, and ambitious students (full- or part-time, day or evening).

Honors courses emphasize critical thinking, intensive analytical writing, speaking, research skills, including the use of primary source material, and information literacy.

One of the fundamental goals of the Honors Program is to promote transfer, with scholarship when possible, to leading public and private 4-year colleges.

Benefits include:

  • Notation on your official transcript indicating that you have taken specific Honors courses.
  • Smaller, rigorous classes with highly motivated students, and taught by dedicated faculty, who strive to engage you in more challenging academic work and are always ready to support you.
  • Mentoring by Director and Honors faculty.
  • Scholarly and networking activities, intensive transfer and scholarship workshops, and special internship placements.
  • Participation in on-campus projects to develop your leadership experience.
  • Membership into the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC). No fee is required

For more information about the Honors Program please visit: http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/honors/


Honors Society

"If you are an ambitious and intellectually curious student, LaGuardia Community College’s Honors Program can help you see a bigger world with even more opportunities.

The Honors Program emphasizes critical thinking, intensive analytical writing and research skills, and is  open to full- or part-time day and evening students. You can participate in two ways: by completing Honors Courses to receive an "Honors" designation on your transcript and a "Certificate of Completion" from the President of the College; or if you are a Liberal Arts (A.A. or A.S.) or Business (A.S. or A.A.S.) student, by completing 7 Honors courses (20-22 credits) to complete the Honors Concentration.

Honors Program benefits include:

• Notation on your official transcript of Honors courses completed.

• Small, rigorous classes taught by dedicated faculty.

• Mentoring by the Program Director and Honors faculty.

• Scholarly and networking activities, such as transfer and scholarship workshops, scholarly presentations, civic engagement projects, peer support opportunities and participation in the Honors Student Advisory Committee.

• On-campus projects and leadership opportunities."

If you’d like to know more about the Honors Society please visit: http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/Academics/The-Honors-Program/

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