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Math Society

The Math Society was launched in spring 2011 to encourage students at LaGuardia to explore math through puzzles and amusing problems. It was started by Professors Baishanski, Jaafar and Yuan in the Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Department.

Their philosophy is that Math is best learned and appreciated through play, and that toying with various math problems will help students develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies that they can apply in other fields. Professors Baishanski, Jaafar and Yuan encourage all students to stop by their offices to discuss possible solutions or issues of interest, and invite students' suggestions for Math Society activities.

We also encourage all interested students to join our many events, including preparation for upcoming local and national Math contests--you'll gain some insights into the power and beauty of math, and have a chance at prizes ranging from a $50 award to a $3,000 scholarship!

Currently the Math Society faculty advisors are Reem Jaafar, Shenglan Yuan, Nader Goubran.

For the MOST UP TO DATE information on Math Society activities (including contest guidelines, dates, locations, and training sessions) please visit our Facebook page.

To access old contests and answer keys, please consult the websites for NYSMATYC, AMATYC SML, and CUNY $2500.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.