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Welcome Undocumented ASAP Students


LaGuardia Community College and ASAP provide undocumented students the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree by providing the tools necessary to be successful both in and out of the classroom.  We have a remarkable student population and dedicated staff to assist you on your educational journey. 


We are aware of some of the struggles that you may face not only in regards to your status as an undocumented student but also with balancing work, school, and family responsibilities.  We have a number of resources available that we would like to share with you to make your experience here at LaGuardia more pleasurable and that will ideally also benefit you once you move on from us after graduation.


Resident Tuition for Undocumented and Out-of-Status Students:



DACA: http://www1.cuny.edu/sites/citizenship-now/services/deferred-action/


The Door: http://www.door.org/programs-services/legal-immigration-services


 Undocumented Student Scholarships: Undocumented Student Scholarships.docx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.