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During Fall 2020 BEAG seminar will meet via ZOOM on Fridays at 2 pm.

Here is the link to our meetings. Please register with your scholarly credentials before joining:




We plan to read the article "Resilient routing for sensor networks using hyperbolic embedding of universal covering space” available at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/224136954_Resilient_Routing_for_Sensor_Networks_Using_Hyperbolic_Embedding_of_Universal_Covering_Space


Semianr recordings can be found at the Dropbox link:




Here is our agenda for the semester:


September 25 and October 2 Topology: homotopy groups, universal covering spaces (Malgorzata Marciniak)

Reading: "Algebraic Topology: An Introduction" William Massey, Harcourt (1967)


October 9 Differential geometry: Riemann metric, surface curvature, Gaussian curvature (Malgorzata Marciniak)

Reading: "Elements of differential geometry" R S Millman and G D Parker


October 16  Ricci Flow (Roy Berglund)


October 23 Physicist's point of view on the Ricci flow (Frank Wang)


October 30 Hyperbolic space, Poincare disk, geodesics (Shenglan Yuan)


November 6 Hyperbolic embedding algorithm with triangulation (Fuchsian group generators, refocus the UCS by Mӧbius transformation, Klein projective model, Kleinberg’s method) (Shenglan Yuan)


November 13 Routing and simulations (Yun Ye)


Additional meeting on November 18: Guest speaker at 6.30 am

"Discrete Ricci flow"


November 20 Sensor networks, sensor nodes, transmitter/source, receiver/destination (Yun Ye)


November 27 NO SEMINAR, Thanksgiving


December 4 Routing protocols, greedy routing, shortest/optimal paths, hops (Yun Ye)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.