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"I am very happy that you are in the process of making an online brochure about the biology program because very few people are aware of this kind of program at Laguardia Community College.”


Being a french native and coming from a country that have a completely different academic setting, it was challenging to accommodate to my new adoption language, English, as well as the education system. I overcame this challenge because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I applied at Laguardia as a Math and Science major but later changed when I discovered that there was a biology program as well. I fell that getting a degree in biology would better fulfill my goal of becoming a bio-medical engineer or biotechnologist. I loved the way that the program was tailored because it gave me a general and research oriented knowledge of chemical and biological sciences.

After graduating from Laguardia I applied and was accepted to City College, but finally went to Hunter College because of the combined BA/MA program that they have for future biotechnologists.


I was very happy that out of the 76 credits, 73 got transferred, electives and social sciences included.

Almost all the science credits got accepted as science equivalent except very few like Fundamentals of Biotechniques and Cell Biology. However, I am very glad that I took these courses because they 1) helped me ace my Molecular Genetics and 2) prepared me for classes such as Endocrinology.


I have gained so much experience with genes study and all the techniques used in a research lab, such as micropipetting. With PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) techniques that I learned at LaGuardia Community College, my lab instructor was very proud of how I used a variety of techniques to successfully clone the given gene which was related to taster and non taster.  


My Organic Chemistry course was accepted. I am very glad I took it at LaGuardia Community College because I don't think I would do as well as I did if I took it in these big classes of 200 students.


After I complete my Master Degree in Biotechnology I would like to get a PhD in Toxicology and Pharmacology, with emphasis on cancer drugs research.


I think that I made the right decision starting with a biology degree at LaGuardia Community College. It was a way for me to know if Biological Sciences suited me, and I think it does. LaGuardia instructors are very helpful, especially Dr. Onorato who is willing to help his students succeed as much as he can.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.