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  Brittany A. Johnston

What school did you transfer to?

The City College of New York (CCNY).


How many credits transferred?

CCNY transferred 63 credits, but I am awaiting the evaluation of my last semester at LaGCC. They also transferred in credits from a previous community college I attended ten years ago in Florida.


What courses did the college accept as equivalent to their courses? Did they accept Fundamentals of Biotechniques? Cell Biology? Organic Chemistry?

CCNY does not accept biotechniques, but cell biology transfers in as a "free elective." CCNY requires you to take cell and molecular biology (including an intensive lab). This is the most difficult course in CCNY's bio program.


They take organic chemistry 1, which is equivalent to their organic chemistry 1. Organic chemistry 2 is not required to graduate from CCNY, so they do no t accept it (though it is equivalent to their organic chemistry 2 course). I have heard that CCNY will transfer organic chemistry 2 in if you want to minor in chemistry. The minor includes two general chemistry courses, two organic chemistry courses, and two additional chemistry courses. I plan on minoring in chemistry and taking biochemistry and physical chemistry as my additional chemistry courses. The biochemistry also counts towards the bio elective and is recommend/ needed for allied health programs.


Additionally, they transferred in college algebra and precalculus as free electives. Biology majors have to take elements of calculus and elements of calculus and statistics. I recommend taking calculus at LaGCC to lighten the course load at CCNY. CCNY will also transfer in Physics 1 and 2 as equivalents to their physics courses. I did not take physics at LaGCC, but I have talked with people who have and the exams are similar in format (only four questions). If a student would like extra attention in physics, then taking it at LaGCC may be better for them because the class sizes at CCNY for the intro science courses are 80+ (physics)/200+ (bio & chem). However, CCNY does have great tutoring centers for math, biology, and physics.


What are you planning to major in?

I declared my major as biology last semester. The requirements to declare your major as biology are general bio 1 and 2, general chemistry 1 and 2, and calculus. I also plan on minoring in chemistry.


How did the biology major prepare you for transferring to the four-year college?

LaGCC 's biology program helped me gain knowledge and confidence that I know I would not have obtained at CCNY. It is LaGCC's small class size and helpful professors that gave me an edge over other students at CCNY. I was also able to get the required general education courses out of the way, so I can focus on the upper level biology requirements and electives. 


How has doing research helped you, whether it was in Biotechniques, Cell Bio, or with faculty?

I have done research with Dr. Preethi Radhakrishnan at LaGCC from January 2013 - June 2014 and with Dr. Jonathan Snow at Barnard College from June 2014 - present. These research opportunities, along with skills learned in biotechniques and cell biology, has helped me gain confidence and knowledge about general techniques often used in labs. I feel better prepared for upper level courses such as cell bio and biotechnology.


Did your career goals change from when you started as a LaGuardia Biology Major to when you graduated LaGuardia?

My goals have been to go on to graduate school - pathologist assistant (PathA) programs or physician assistant (PA) programs - and these goals have not changed. I have also considered medical school.


What are your current career goals now?

I am going to apply to PathA programs and PA programs.  


What do you want to do after you graduate the four-year college?

I am going to graduate school for either PathA or PA.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.