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What school did you transfer to?
I transferred to StonyBrook university.

How many credits transferred?

all "credits" were transferred, but some classes were transferred only as a credit, which can only be used for minimum credit requirement for graduation.

What courses did the college accept as equivalent to their courses? Did they accept Fundamentals of Biotechniques? Cell Biology? Organic Chemistry?

almost all biology courses were accepted except biotechnique, which the course evaluator was not able to find the equivalent course. Organic chemistry classes (both lecture and labs) were transferred. Cell biology was special. Even though it was a high level course (300 level), it was transferred as one of basic biology course. So, cell biology in LaGCC was not transferred as cell biology in stonybrook.

What are you planning to major in?

Biology in general. Based on my transcript, it is biology major and bio-engineering minor. However, my biology is slightly tilted to nutrition for now. Still, this can be changed anytime.

How did the biology major prepare you for transferring to the four-year college?

I have found that organic chemistry here is hard; students are struggling, but I already took it. However, i do not know how this will influence other advanced biology courses that requires organic chemistry. I will be taking biochemistry in fall2014, and this course will tell me how the organic chemistry in LaGCC prepared me for advanced biology courses.

How has doing research helped you, whether it was in Biotechniques, Cell Bio, or with faculty?

I am not doing research in Stonybrook. I contacted some professors doing their researches, but they said they were not able to accept more students. However, I learned techniques such as spectrometer, PCR, and staining cellular structures while I worked with Dr. Thomas Onorato. I am sure that this will help me in future lab experience. 

Did your career goals change from when you started as a LaGuardia Biology Major to when you graduated LaGuardia?

I did not have a specific career goal when i was in LaGuardia, and still i do not have a specific career goal here. I am still finding one while i can experience broad biology fields. 

What are your current career goals now?

nutritionist, or lab tech.

What do you want to do after you graduate the four-year college?

I want to continue learn more biology, and by the time I graduate, I will have relatively specific goal rather than general biology. I am planning to obtain masters degree for the subject I will find.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.