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The Biology Program, offered by the Natural Sciences Department, leads to an Associate in Science (AS) Degree. The Program is articulated with York College and students will be able to transfer all 60 credits. In addition, students will be able to transfer to other CUNY four-year institutions.


The goals of the Biology Program are:

  • To introduce students to hypothesis-driven science and hands-on research through required coursework and supervised research laboratory internships.
  • To connect students, biology, and lived experience through an integrated curriculum.
  • To prepare students for successful transfer to a four-year college and ultimately graduate or medical school.

An important aspect of the Biology curriculum is that students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research. All Biology majors will take Fundamentals of Biotechniques -- a course in which students will perform common laboratory techniques as well as learn the concepts behind these techniques.  The most exciting aspect of this course will be designing experiments and interpreting the data collected, while learning how to conduct research responsibly.  All Biology majors will also complete their Cooperative Education internships with one of LaGuardia’s faculty, with faculty at a senior college, or at a laboratory.  The goal is to place students in a research laboratory where they will participate in conducting a research project.  Students are advised to take this Cooperative Education internship after having taken Fundamentals in Biotechniques.  The capstone course for Biology Majors is Cell Biology.  Here, students will conduct a small research project in class, and give oral presentations that will be deposited into their capstone electronic portfolios (ePortfolios).


Students graduating LaGuardia with an AS in Biology will be able to transfer and enroll in upper-level Biology courses without difficulty at an articulating four-year college such as York College.  The Biology curriculum at LaGuardia is modeled after a curriculum that students attending a four-year college would be expected to take during the first two years of study.   LaGuardia graduates will have completed several general education requirements and several science requirements needed for completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology: a year of general biology (a pre-requisite for upper-level biology courses at senior colleges), a year of general chemistry, and a year of organic chemistry.  Students will showcase selected assignments and accomplishments in a Biology ePortfolio that can include in their admissions application and share with potential faculty mentors at a specific senior college. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.