DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

REQUIRED CORE                               (13 credits)


Composition I                               ENG101        3

Writing through Literature             ENG102        3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning

College Algebra and Trigonometry MAT115         3


Algebra and Trigonometry             MAT117         3

Life & Physical Sciences

Fundamentals of Biology I             SCB201         4


FLEXIBLE CORE                                (20 credits)

World Cultures and Global Issues (choose 1 course)

Cultural Anthropology                    SSA101         3

HIV/AIDS, Science and Society       SCN194        3

US Experience in its Diversity       (choose 1 course)

Urban Sociology                             SSN187         3

History of Minorities                       SSN183         3

History of New York City                 SSN240         3

Creative Expression

Public Speaking                              HUC106        3

Individual and Society                  (choose 1 course)

Critical Thinking                              HUP102        3

Medical Ethics                                 HUP114        3

Environmental Ethics                       HUP108        3

Ethics and Moral Issues                   HUP104        3

Introduction to Philosophy               HUP101        3

Introduction to Sociology                 SSS101        3

Scientific World              (should take both courses)

Fundamentals of Biology II               SCB202        4

Fundamentals of Chemistry I            SCC201        4


BIOLOGY PROGRAM CORE          (23 credits)

Cell Biology                                     SCB255        4

Fundamentals of Biotechniques         SCB252        3

Fundamentals of Chemistry II           SCC202        4

Organic Chemistry I                         SCC251        5

Organic Chemistry II                        SCC252        5

Natural Sciences First Year Seminar   NSF101        2


UNRESTRICTED ELECTIVES           (4 credits)

Research in the Natural Sciences       SCI204         3

Internet Research Strategies             LRC103         1

Precalculus                                      MAT200         4


TOTAL CREDITS                                                  60

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.