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Post-Graduation Interview with  Stephanie

What school did you transfer to?

The City College of New York, CCNY.


How many credits transferred?

60 Credits


What courses did the college accept as equivalent to their courses? Did they accept Fundamentals of Biotechniques? Cell Biology? Organic Chemistry?

They did accept almost all of the courses with the exception of Biotechniques. Cell Biology on the other hand was considered to be a blanket credit but since I graduated prior to transferring, I managed to get a total of 60 credits. Organic chemistry I and II were both transferred towards the major.


What are you planning to major in?



How did the biology major prepare you for transferring to the four-year college?

As a foundation, it really helped in paving the way to what a four-year college would be like. Since the major as a whole is well-rounded focusing not only on the science courses but also on writing-intensive courses, it prepares you to be better able to manage writing terms papers especially for upper-level biology courses. Although some classes did not transfer over to the four-year school, like biotechniques, it still helped broaden the view of what the research aspect of biology would be like.  


What are your current career goals now?

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, specifically a cardiologist but I must admit that since I’ve been exposed to research (thanks to Dr. T) I still am keeping my options open.


What do you want to do after you graduate the four-year college?

I’m hoping to graduate by the spring semester of 2014 and hopefully get an opportunity to work in a research lab prior to getting into medical school within the next two-three years.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.