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Boots R. H. Whitlock


     Hello there.  If you are seeing this it is because I've sent you a message to come look at it.  This is my E-Portfolio.  It's purpose, much like a resume, is to let you know who I am professionally and personally.  To that end I shall tell you a bit about myself and my professional ambition.

     I started out in life on a ranch in California, then in Bend Oregon for the rest of my childhood.  In Oregon I joined the United States Marine Corps.  While stationed in New York City I met my Queen in Queens.  In all my time on this Earth I have been most blessed by my Wife Mary, and believe it or not, a little furry four legged child named Pudgie (not just a dog).  My long term ambition in life has changed with time and the experiences I’ve had.  Most poignant among those experiences was my part in the war against terror.  That experience has made me realize that I want to contribute greatly to the transformation of the energy infrastructure in the United States.


     When 9/11 happened I was just as angry and numb from the experience as anyone in the Country at the time.  I wasn’t Married at the time and was actually glad that I was in the Marine Corps.  I figured I might be able to exact some revenge in the near future.  Experience to that point had taught me that I probably would not fire a shot in anger in this War.  The enemy was just too small.  I figured at the time that I’d probably be doing chaos control at the next tragedy, as I had orders to New York at the time.  I thank God every day that tragedy hasn’t happened.  Maybe ol’ Mr. Bush was the right man at the right time.

     After three years in New York, and having gotten married, I ended up re-enlisting or renewing my contract with the Marines in order to go to the desert in mid 2005 with a good number of Marine Corps Reserve Members in tow.  They were a good bunch.  We got fit, trained, and went.  

     One of them went off the deep end about his girlfriend when we were out there, though his Sgt. was right there to control the situation.  While I was out there I got to thinking.  Through talking to many out there at the airports and many different way stations along the way I got a sense of the hell that war is.  My thinking continued into how the enemy got money to finance its modern day crusade against the infidel (yes… that’s me… American Infidel).  The answer was clear.  Oil Energy.  That, for all intents and purposes is the enemy, or the enemies’ funding source.

     I did seven months of research out there to dig up alternatives to this energy.  What could supplant that sublime TNT known as crude?  Well, there are alternatives out there.  My goal in life now is to get this country off the energy source of Crude Oil from the Middle East.  I have completed my associates of science in Mechanical Engineering at LaGuardia Community College.   I am now working on my Bachelors degree in  Mechanical Engineering and may move on to a masters degree in Earth Systems Science and Environmental Engineering.  I am currently attending The City College of New York for my bachelors and will probably be attending here for my masters degree as well.

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