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Name: Cristina Mihailescu

Major: Business Administration

Internship Site / Department: Legal Affairs Library

Position: Administrative  Assistant

Location: 1095 Ave of the Americas,  floor 18, New York, 10036

Internship URL: https://www.metlife.com/



Organization Profile

MetLife is one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, with 90 million customers in about 47 countries. For over 140 years, MetLife has been insuring the lives of the people. Presently, outside of the U.S., MetLife operates in Latin America, Europe, Asia’s Pacific region, and the Middle East, with leading market positions in Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Chile. In addition, MetLife has been intensively involved in charitable activity. MetLife Foundation was created in 1976 to continue the community involvement and made grants in health, education, civic affairs and culture.

I was selected for the internship position at Legal Affairs Library, which is part of the MetLife Legal Affairs Operations/Business Service department, working closer with other members in operations and assisting all the employees with information sharing and research.


Internship Profile

My daily responsibilities included: maintain records on subscriptions and publications via  EOS (the library catalog), process invoices, assist associates with articles requests and general research topics, coordinate the training sessions for the legal research platforms used by Legal Affairs department, schedule WebEx and reserve conference rooms, create and update documents  in eDocs, process mail and circulation of materials, place orders and maintain corespondence with vendors. In addition, I was assigned to complete different projects, such as the 50 states survey updates and interactive charts,  revise library database –EOS--, and help organize library week.


Internship Learning Objectives

1. Enhance information technology skills.

   Action plan:

  • Conduct research on  all platforms available through Legal Affair Library resources
  • Attend webinars offered for library research and other available training courses
  • Ask supervisor for explanation and clarification when needed 

2. Communicate with associates in order to increase knowledge and to access career opportunities.

   Action plan:

  • Contact my mentor for guidance
  • Introduce myself to attorneys, paralegals, assistants and other personal; try to build trust and reciprocal respect.
  • Inquire about meeting and events that I could attend

3. Improve analytical and research skills.

    Action plan:

  • Read daily articles regarding the legal matters and get familiar with the legal vocabulary and processes.
  • Assist attorneys and paralegals with articles requests and legal researches.
  • Ask my supervisors to get me involved with additional projects.

Reflection on Internship Experience

My internship at MetLife offered me a chance to enhance my analytical and organizational skills, develop new information technology skills, and gain valuable work experience.

The webinars and training courses that I attended helped me obtain a better understanding of MetLife’s achievements and future goals, as well of the important guidelines on rules and procedures specific for the Legal Affair department, in particular the privacy security and safe processing and disposal of legal documents. In addition, I become very confident completing daily tasks which include assisting attorneys with articles requests and processing invoice payments. I also familiarized myself with eDocs platform and with the features of EOS that Law Library uses on daily basis.

During my internship, I improved major core competencies and achived the learning objectives for Business Administration and Business Management. 



Communication & Human Relations

Throughout the many meetings that I attended for the past months, as well through the daily interactions with other colleagues, vendors, and supervisors, I was able to enhance my communication and human relations skills. In addition, while observing the successful communication in the professional setting, I strengthened my personal communication by using active, critical, and empathic listening skills.

The diversity of today's work force calls for a greater understanding of how to communicate effectively and professionally during formal and informal meetings. Knowing how to get along with others, resolve workplace conflict, manage relationships, communicate effectively in one-on-one interactions, as well in group and team interactions, share information, and make good decisions are all skills that enable us to grow both professionally and personally.


Working Expectations

For the entire period of my internship I tried to distinguish myself as a reliable, self-motivating intern. In addition to being punctual, dressing appropriately in business attire, and respecting the business etiquette, I successfully organized my work and prioritized tasks. I communicated with both of my supervisors, taking the time to find out what are their expectation regarding my daily responsibilities and projects deadlines .

In order to complete my assignments accurately, I asked questions seeking additional details regarding project requirements or possible strategies to implement on a new assignment. Mostly importantly, I requested feedback and tried my best to follow up all the suggestions for personal performance improvement. When I had available time after completing the daily tasks, I requested work or other projects that could ease my supervisors’ workload. Also, I showed interest to participate to the training offered by our department to the new hires and other associates.


Information Technology

During my internship experience I applied my technology knowledge by using Microsoft Office Word and Excel while sending professional email, creating documents, processing invoices, and developing interactive spreadsheets. In addition, the 50 states survey projects, updates of the library database - EOS-, and other projects enabled me to enhance my Word processing and Excel skills.

Furthermore, I attended weekly training offered by MetLife’s Legal Affairs Library for the different platforms used for research and references, including Lexis.com and Lexis Advance, CourtLink, NILS, and CCH Intellicom. The training sessions helped me enhance the information technology competency in regards to library science information technology, which involves the ability to navigate, research specific topics, retrieve, and assess webpages and library catalogues.


Business Knowledge

The internship program offered me an opportunity to get a better understanding of the corporate environment and business operations. By working in a relatively unfamiliar field, Legal Affairs and Library Science, I was able to enhance my communication, information technology, and research skills. In the same time, I obtained a basic knowledge of the Insurance Company, the services and products offered, as well of the legal issues that arise in this field. In addition, I learned to use appropriate business vocabulary and how to display ethical behavior in the contemporary business practices which often involves a global market.


Career Development and Lifelong Learning

My entire working experience at MetLife Legal Affairs Library created many opportunities for personal growth and exposure to new learning experience.  Also, I had the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge accumulated during my studies and develop new skills which will help me move beyond the academic environment, toward my professional goals.

Furthermore, professionals and mentors within the company shared their experiences and offered me valuable advice in regards to academic and professional advancement. I am confident that they will become valuable resources after the internship is over, as part of a networking base that connects me to other professionals and potential employers.  


Proud of

During my internship, some of my challenges were getting familiar with diverse platforms used by the legal department, such as NILS, LEXIS and Lexis advance, Court Link, CHH, and other. The training Webinars which I attended walked me through different steps presenting best ways to navigate through large volumes of information, conduct faster, more extensive searches, access the most recent regulatory content, monitor legislative and regulatory proposals, get daily updates, and many other useful tools.   

One of my achievements is helping to revise the 50 States Survey smart charts, which facilitated information access for MetLife’s attorneys and paralegals. Also, the revisions that I made for EOS -Library database-, specifically the updates for State Statues simpified the research and information sharing proxess.

Finally, during the Library week, I helped organize the events and create the promotional materials. Also, my superviors gave me the opportunity to present few slides during the "Need to Know Resourses" WebEx training session, adresisng the MOOCS (Masive Open Online Courses).


         TODAS at MetLife                             




                                                                               AIDS Walk 2014 


Next Steps

Iam planning to transfer to a senior college and pursue my batchelor degree in Finacial Economics. My internship experience along with my education obtained at LaGuardia Community College helped me to move forward to the next step of academic journey.


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