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LaGuardia Community College


As a full time student at LaGuardia Community College, I am using this website on a daily basis to access my e-Tools: Blackboard, e-Portfolio, student e-mail, library access, etc. Since I still have to complete one more semester at LaGuardia, I am exploring all the resources offered, including the valuable library database, scholarship opportunities, honors programs, internships, student life, workshops and tutorials, transfer service, etc.




The City University of New York


I found this website very useful for getting information regarding other options for future transfer to a four year College, as well to keep students up to date with news, resources, scholarships offered through CUNY and other programs and academic activities.



Baruch College


Baruch College is my first choice for transfer into a four year College, so I am visiting this site in order to get information regarding the academic, financial and registration services, as well to explore all other resources and opportunities for present and potential students.



The New York Times


The New York Times is a prestigious newspaper, which offers information and the latest news covering diverse fields, such as business, economics, politics, technology, International news, science, health, etc.  I used the website numerous times to keep up to date with the news in the  business world, and also it helped me to complete many assignments required  for the business classes.



 PHI THETA KAPPA  Honor Society


I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  In order to become a member, students must have and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above.  PTK recognizes academic achievements, offers to its members valuable information, provides opportunities for scholarships, offers assistance and advisement for transfers to four year Colleges, as well encourage students to participate in diverse activities that will gave them a competitive edge .





Sallie Mae


The Sallie Mae organization offers a variety of financial services, including financial loans for undergraduate and graduate students, saving and CD accounts, insurance, and 529 Upromise plans.  I recently signed up with the tuition plan, and it has been a tremendous help for me. It breaks up my tuition in small, affordable payments, and it just requires a minor registration fee. I also signed up my kids for 529 Upromise plan, which allows us to start saving now for their college, and enables the family and friends to contribute too.



The  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

On this governmental website we can find valuable facts and information in the field of economics and statistics, including inflation prices, employment, business leaders, international and regional resources, green jobs, occupational outlook handbook and even a guide of career choices for kids.




Ted Talks 


I was introduced to this website during my marketing course and I was really impressed. Ted.com is a website that showcase the video presentations of world's most fascinating entrepreneurs, inspired thinkers and innovators, with the main purpose of spreading ideas, awareness and knowledge. Topics include  science, business, global issues and arts. Subtitles are being offered in about 40 languages and that attracts a wide global audience of millions. It is a great source of valuable information which was extremely useful for my marketing assignments, as well for other business related projects.



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