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Human Anatomy & Physiology (SCB 203)


Part one of a two semester introduction to human anatomy and physiology that examines the relationships between structure and function of organs and organ systems in the maintenance of normal function in the whole organism. The lab includes experimental activities, microscopy and gross anatomy. Dissections and clay modeling will be used to study select organ systems. Lecture topics include the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic and immune systems. Visit the LGCC Human A&P website here.




 Fundamentals of Biology Part I (SCB 201)


This course is an integrated two-semester laboratory-based sequence, stressing major concepts of biology designed to assist the student in relating these concepts to the environment. The scientific method of thinking and the experimental approach will be stressed. Among the topics studied are: SCB201: Cellular and molecular basis of life, heredity, and the evolution of life. SCB202: Survey of the kingdoms, organismic anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the human system. The principles of ecology and problems of population.




Human Anatomy & Physiology Labs

Clay Modelling - SCB 203


Since the Spring of 2011, in order for students to learn muscle architecture in a comprehensive manner, we have introduced the use of Clay Manikins to our SCB 203 classes, which in addition to being fun, is very hands-on. Watch the gallery space for "The Manikin Wall Of Fame"



Visit to the 'Bodies' Exhibit


Every semester, I take my students out to the Bodies Exhibit . I find that it's a fantastic learning experience. My students invariably end up seeing themselves in a whole new way (both literally and figuratively)!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.