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Educational Philosophy Statement


By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand.

~Latin Proverb~


              Education plays a major role in today’s community. The purpose of education is acquiring knowledge and to be a confident individual to the society. Moreover, teachers can help children to be that individual and let children open their minds about their new ideas. This is much like Frobel’s philosophy; which  believed in individuality and creating a fun and happy environment for children to learn. Every child deserves to be treated equally. In the past and even in today’s society, teachers are seen as role models, mentor and also mothers or fathers to students in the classrooms. My purpose as an educator is to make an environment much like home; so that students can trust me as their teacher, and I can help them achieve their goal.

            I did my internship at PS 51, Queens. The internship teacher, Mrs.M was very welcoming in her classroom and always tries to work with each child’s individuality. Of course, I was nervous on my first day, but she did not make me feel uncomfortable, politely introduced me to her class and right away showed me how to manage a first grade level. She had told me these are little children and there are no steps about how to teach children. Children are children and every child learns differently. It is the teacher’s job to understand them, what they need help in. Her goal is to give as much knowledge to children and let them come up with the new ideas. Also, children and teacher should learn to respect and care about their ethnic backgrounds.

          There are twenty four students in her class, and children want to listen to the lesson she is presenting. Right away, children feel connected with me, as I worked with them. I would want children to feel welcomed, and safe.  Mrs. M also shows me how to present lesson plans on daily basis. She and I agree that children come to school to learn, but also have to remember to create a warm environment for them. I really enjoy working with the students; especially the ones who seek for help. Many of the students have progressed in their writings; especially writing long sentences with difficult vocabularies. I am very amazed, being first grade students and be able to write two page stories about their favorite memories and the book or a lesson discussed in the class. Education is evolving day by day, and so are students and teachers. I want to motivate my students, and give them opportunity to understand what they are learning.

            I know being a teacher means helping students to learn; but there’s more than that. I realized that every time, I had been given an opportunity to work with the children. I am always learning in their classroom. Being a teacher is not only a job, but it is a very huge responsibility. One lesson I learned, treat students in the classroom like they are my kids. Be there for them when they need me; show them the right direction and also correct them when they make a mistake.

         I am always trying to see what are students’ needs and capabilities, in which they need help on.  I also learn from Frobel and Mrs. M that children are always eager to learn something new, when they are presented with their level curriculum. I presented a lesson plan in my internship class about recycling. My internship teacher explains to me the information, which I needed for the children to understand my lesson. I presented my lesson with the help of technology and Mrs.M. I was able to make them understand what recycling is and what we need to do to keep the earth clean.

           At the end, children want their teachers to listen to them. At PS 51, I am very patient with the students. First, I will listen to their problem, and then I would ask questions to help them think about the answers. The two main points that I want to concentrate with my students are communication and understanding students. I want to be that teacher, who opens children mind to think, be their role model and also nurture them.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.