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Professional Development Plan

         My short term goal include to graduate with an Associate Degree by the fall of 2012, followed by my Bachelors degree by the year of 2014. 


         Once I have completed my Bachelors and my state certification exams, I want to work with the elementary school students. I am hoping of finishing up my masters after I start working with children.


          In life, I have gone through many challenges, and I am very aware I might in future, but I will try my best, like I have been and always will to keep my desire to become a great teacher one day. My Strategies to overcome and meet any challenges include: Advance Planning, Organization, and most important Time Management.


Advanced Planning: Whenever there is too much workload, I approach it as a task in the classroom for a teacher. I imagine myself as a teacher, then I usually plan my task, according to a main points for the rest of study time; so later it is easier for me to keep up with any fast track task in the class. 


Organization: By organization, my task will much easier and nicer. I would usually create a list to organize my points, in order to have the best results. As I am interning in public school right now, I have realized organization is a must in the classroom. 


Time Management: By managing my time, life is very smooth. In order to do that, I should know all of my deadlines. So, when it comes to my task's dealine I have been prepare myself ahead and also done with my task on time; now i can relax and not stress about my task at the last minute.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.