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Professional Standards




The professional standards focus on students’ needs in literacy. Usually, it is the teacher's job to prepare curriculum for his or her students to understand education easily. In New York, there are seven professional standards which teachers follow throughout the school year. They are: curriculum and planning, the learner and the learning environment, teaching, professional responsibilities in self renewal and professional responsibilities for schools and communities.


The professional standard that I really admire is the learning environment. In this standard teachers work with all students to create a dynamic learning environment that supports achievement and growth. The reason I like this standard because I understand the students’ seek for help from their professors when they tend to struggle. This is where teachers come in and encourage students to do better. Teachers help their students to gain confidence; so they can maintain their own performance.


Especially, at my field word my mentor teacher motivates her students to think critically and helps them achieve challenging learning goals. By this process, students want to learn and engage in the classroom. They want to share their ideas in the classroom and they are also learning to social interact. These standards are very important in life not only in school but outside of school.


Being able to think critically and interact socially helps students gain more confidence in their future career planning. It is the teacher who are students’ role model; set these professional standards in there young age, so they can prepare themselves for future.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.