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About the Environmental Science Program: 

The Environmental Science Program, offered through the Natural Sciences Department, leads to an Associate in Science (AS) degree.  The program is fully articulated with Queens College and graduates will be able to transfer all 60 credits. In addition, graduates with an AS in Environmental Science will be able to transfer to other four-year colleges. 


The program has been designed to give students a solid background in the life sciences and allow them to experience hypothesis-driven science firsthand through laboratory investigations, service-learning projects, and supervised field and laboratory research projects. Many of the life science courses in this major include a fieldwork component that focuses on collecting and interpreting environmental data about New York City.  After completion of the Fundamentals of Biology and General Chemistry sequences, students will be introduced to factors limiting the distribution of animals and plants, species interactions, and biodiversity measurements in the Fundamentals of Ecology course. 


It is important that all Environmental Science students have experience in designing, implementing, and presenting a research project. This opportunity is available both in form of internships, and during the capstone course. The capstone course, Environmental Science, focuses on understanding the earth as a dynamic system and addressing local and global environmental issues in the context of climate, technology, and population growth. During the laboratory portion, students will utilize knowledge and tools from previous courses to design, implement, and complete supervised semester-long research projects. Students will learn to write up their results in scientific format and submit research reports to their digital ePortfolios.


All students in the Environmental Science program are encouraged to conduct a semester-long internship.  The goal of the internship is to gain real-world experience conducting primary research in a setting such as a scientific laboratory, a pollution control station, a government facility, a park, or with a community- based environmental organization.


The Environmental Science Program is fully articulated with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Queens College.  The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences provides an interdisciplinary approach to environmental studies allowing students to concentrate their studies in biology, chemistry or geology.  Graduates of LaGuardia’s Environmental Science Program will transfer with 60 credits and have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Queens College in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies.


Students who need additional skill development in reading, writing, mathematics, and communication will be required to take basic skills and/or ESL courses. These courses are not listed in the curriculum.


Scores on the College placement test determine the particular courses students must successfully complete. For more information on basic skills requirements see the college catalog here

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.