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What is Environmental Science? 


•Environmental Scientists study the relationships that we humans have with our environment.

•If you are interested in: conservation of endangered animals, the impact of climate change on your city, renewable energy sources, solutions to air, land, and water pollution, building green communities, and the sustainable use of our natural resources, then this is the major for you.



 Why should I study Environmental Science at LaGuardia Community College?


•We focus on service-learning, which involves actually conducting research and doing projects in the community as part of the class work.


•Our students gain hands-on experience in the field and real-world skills by conducting internships with a public and private organizations.


•Every student receives training in geospatial technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), an exciting set of computer tools used to analyze spatial relationships and map the environment. These skills are highly sought after in the current employment market.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.