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About the Sampler


Since LaGuardia began exploring the use of ePortfolio in 2001-2002 and piloting it in classrooms during the following year, faculty have occupied the vanguard of thinking at the college about inventive ways to use the tool to improve student learning and success.


ePortfolio points faculty back toward their individual course objectives, toward LaGuardia’s core competencies, and toward relevant national standards, and challenges them to devise new ways of meeting those goals more effectively.  ePortfolio serves as a vehicle for helping faculty to do what they already do, only better.


A long time in development, the ePortfolio Sampler attempts for the first time to showcase this body of work.  In it, faculty from across the disciplines volunteer artifacts from their classrooms, from assignments and handouts to whole syllabi and grading rubrics, to help make their teaching visible. They frame the classroom contexts for each and reflect frankly upon the lessons learned from iterative implementation. They also provide illuminating glimpses into programmatic development, articulate their philosophies of teaching with ePortfolio, and elaborate upon their work in published scholarship.


These faculty not only offer their work to others in the spirit of collegial sharing, but also invite feedback from their peers for the continued betterment of their practice. If ePortfolios help students to practice lifelong learning, the work collected in this Sampler--appropriately, an ePortfolio itself--represents the career-long learning of a faculty that practices as it teaches.


For more information about the organizational structure of the Sampler, view the Guide to Categories and the Guide to Themes.  For more information about ePortfolio at LaGuardia, visit the ePortfolio Website.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.