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Luce World Heritage Scholarship 





"The Luce World Heritage Language Scholar project is an excellent opportunity for heritage language speakers at LaGuardia Community College. This program offers students an opportunity to improve their heritage language proficiency and cultural knowledge at an advanced and in-depth level. It is a highly competitive program and selected students serve as interns in an international company or a nonprofit organization."


During the Spring 2013 semester a professor suggested me to apply for the Luce scholarship since he believed I was a perfect fit for it. I was highly motivated and captivated with the program since I was going to be able to improve myself in many circumstances. Shortly after I applied, I received a call saying that I was selected for an interview where I was going to meet with the faculty members to talk about my qualifications and the one year program as well. After the interview, I was even more exited and sure that I wanted to be part of this unique opportunity. The faculty members were extremely warm and encouraging, so I knew that it was going to be a life-time experience.


Nowadays, I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be a Luce World Heritage Scholar. Being part of this program is helping me increase my Spanish skills, leadership abilities and grow in my knowledge and awareness of the Spanish culture. 


Cultural Event Assignments:



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