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 Professional Goals



Since my early years, back in my hometown, Caracas, Venezuela; my brother being a pilot and dad being an avid fan, I grew up surrounded by the world of aircraft. Aviation is most definitely my passion and it is my goal to direct, create or contribute to the field with my knowledge, hard work and dedication.


Career Goals: I am majoring in Business Administration: Aviation Management and I want to specialize in Airline Management. I consider myself a goal-oriented, studious, hard-working and responsible person with dreams and a great desire to succeed, and I will take advantage of all my skills to bring the best of me into the aviation world.


Educational Goals: Once I acquire my Associates Degree, I will continue my fight to pursue one of my biggest goals, which is to acquire my bachelor’s degree. I would keep giving my best to accomplish the requisites to transfer to a 4-year college. Of course, I won't stop there. My master and PhD will be next.


Transfer & Advance Education: I will graduate from LaGCC at the end of the next spring semester, and I am considering the possibility of transferring to Vaughn College. This is a convenient college specialized in aeronautics and technology. This college fits all my major and career expectations. In addition, its convenient location (next to LaGuardia Airport) is definitely what makes it stand out from others.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.