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About Me


Hi. I'm Evan Anthony Moreno. I'm a Liberal Arts major at La Guardia Community College. My main goal in life is to become a High School English or Art teacher to change and mold the kids to improve some key things I've learned.

Growing up learning disabled I found many helpful traits about teaching and helping people with learning disablities like mine.

One of my main passions is art. From drawing, painting, and graffiti, I try and express feelings, colors, and personal emotions with some of my art. I also love to do poetry, short stories, and graphic novels because I can show how I'm feeling in a specific moment on paper and express myself the best way I can.


Growing up with my artistic and strong parents, I've learned to love music and art as a way to identify who I am. The music I listen to helps me become more creative and more unique in my own view. I love all kinds of music and diffrent techniques of art to help motivate me to be more creative with everything I do for my whole life.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.