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If your interested these are the sites that I like to check out to give me a little more influence and motivation for my own work.




www.artcrimes.com (graffiti)


This website helps me with my graffiti skills because if shows pictures of artists all around the world. With the different styles, colors, and ideas people use I get ideas and incorporate my own style and color into a piece of work.



www.poets.org (poetry)


This website is good because if has new poets that are up and coming, along with the most well known and famous poets. Having a lot of work by these people you can read and take your pick on which ones you enjoy more. I read a few and depending on how I feel at the time i can write my own little poem or keep reading until something comes up.


www.earmilk.com (music)

I go on this website a lot because it has a lot of music that I find interesting. All the types of music that they give me, I can pick what I feel like and search for artists and groups. This helps me find more interesting music for me to buy, or just to listen to to give me more inspiration.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.