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My Classes




These are some of the classes that I've been taking for the time I've been at

La Guardia Community College. 

Course ID

Course Title

HUA 103

Begining to Drawing

Prof. Rosemary MayerFall 2010
HUA 203 Intermediate Drawing Prof. Arthur SimmsSpring 2011 
 HUA 185IllustrationProf. Rosemary MayerSpring 2011 
 SSS 100      Intro. to SociologyProf. Hara Bastas    Fall 2012
 SSH 100 Themes of United States HistoryProf. Dr. J. Reitano   Fall 2012
 CEP 121 Fundementals of Professional AdvicementProf. James Cantwell   Fall 2012
 HUA 210 Graphic NarritiveProf. Rosemary Mayer Fall 2011


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.