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                                                    EVAN MORENO

                                    59 West 71st, Apt. 4C, New York NY, 10023




                               Professional Experience


Union Square Hospitality Group: Shake Shack                  92nd Street Y

6467478773                                                                  2124155573

Line Cook                                                                      Program Aid, Counselor

August 2009 - September 2010                                       Summers of 2003 – 2009


Candle 79


Bus boy

January 2011 - Present




La Guardia Community College                            Mercy College

Liberal Arts                                                        Undeclared             

Queens, NY 2010 – Present                                 Dobbs Ferry, NY 2008 – 2009       


Churchill School and Center

High School

2004 – 2008


                                    Volunteer Work


Steven Wise Free Synagogue

Homeless Shelter – 2001 - 2004


                                      Technical Skills








                                         Career Goals


The education that I am receiving now will help me reach my goals. I’ve learned through my various scholastic experiences to absorb different techniques ineducation and in working with others.


I am pursuing my passions: reading and writing poetry and short stories; and my career goal to teach high school English and/or Art. I have always drawn and painted and continue studies in fine and graphic arts.


My creative outlets in writing and painting have always allowed me to express myself and along with my expanding interactions with others have helped me to overcome obstacles and challenges along my way.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.