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About me...


   Hello, you've reached my Laguardia E-portfolio my name Is Andres Estevez. I was Born here in New York City, and I've been living here ever since. Being a Laguardia student in one of the world's most diverse cities is something that I would say is a blessing for me. Besides all the great food I'm exposed to being a new yorker has opened my mind to many ways of thinking for me as a student and a citizen. To expand my point of views I've decided to study communication and linguistics classes for my liberal arts degree. I figured it's important to know why and how people communicate and how that influences them, being born in a Hispanic home this applies to me. Obviously, as a result, I speak both Spanish and English, and I suppose this is also a blessing to me understanding another language does matter in today's society where different cultures are ever more together in places like Laguardia Community College.I Hope that as a result of attending the college I will have a much better direction for what to do with my life. Like what kind of job is right for me and the usual reasons why I choose a liberal art degree, but most importantly it is my hope that I come out to be a better person to benefit my society and the people that are close to me. I Hope that I do succeed with my goals and maybe even more. If you have read this whole thing, then I hope you wish me luck with my endeavors. :]


 When I'm lost with all that's around me, I look at other's who faced adversity and perhaps my favorite example of a great accomplisher. Abraham Lincoln has always inspired me with quotes like this. 

Favorite Quote: Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

(Abraham Lincoln U.S)

This quote always reminds me that to succeed in what you want to do. You have to give it the utmost priority you only lead one life of course and also because Abraham Lincoln is my most favorite president.







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