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Photo I took of the Bulls and Bears statue at the Museum of American Finance.


Educational & Career Goals


My educational goals are to learn as much as possible about business and complete my AS degree in Accounting. My career goal is to work as a money manager at a hedge fund or run my own hedge fund.




I chose to attend LaGuardia because I wanted to build a solid foundation for my business education. I already have a BFA and an MA, and considered going for an MBA, but thought my learning would be rushed. While I was getting my Master’s degree, I was working full time and I felt like I didn’t get as much out of the program as I could have because of lack of time. I’m working now too, so taking classes part-time at a manageable pace has enriched my learning experience while helping me maintain a reasonable quality of life.


I chose Accounting as my major because I find it very interesting and because I think it would be the best way to begin my business education. I considered changing my major to Business Administration, because it was the most direct route for transfer to Baruch. The only difference between the two majors is that in Accounting, I would be taking Intermediate Accounting 1 & 2 instead of Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing for Business Administration. I have decided that ultimately, I want to work in finance rather than management, and that deepening my understanding of accounting is my first priority.


After getting my AS in Accounting from LaGuardia, I’d like to transfer to Baruch College to take more advanced courses in accounting, finance and economics.




Inspired by people such as George Soros, Michael Burry and Warren Buffet, I would like to work as a money manager. I find financial markets to be endlessly fascinating and challenging. Money management is part analysis and part intuitive risk taking, both science and art. Working at a hedge fund would be ideal for its flexibility and because compensation is directly correlated with performance.


To be adequately prepared to work as a money manager at a hedge fund would require that I development a track record of proven performance. I believe the best way for me to achieve that is through experience in the financial markets and extensive education in finance and economics. I believe my background in accounting will be valuable in my ability to understand the nuances of financial statements and financial data.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.