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     Hi, my name is Jessica Guzman. I am currently enrolled at La Guardia Community College. I started on Fall 2009. This is my 4th semester here. My major is Bilingual Education. I currently have 35 credits. I chose this major because I love working with children. I like helping the people that have problems reading or writing in English. I like to help children or adults with their homework. I would like to become a teacher and help as many children and adults as I can.

     Some of my educational background is that I went to High School at Manhattan, specifically at 88th st. The High School was Richard R. Green High School of Teaching. This was a very good school. I learned many things, this school was the main reason of why I wanted to become an elementary teacher. When I entered this school there was this program of Internship. Every Wednesday of the week we had half a days and then we had to go to a public school and intern there. My first year of Internship I went to P.S 49 in the Bronx and I worked with 1st graders. This was a nice experience. What I did was that the teacher Ms. Rodriguez will sometimes assign me a group of students and help them out with their work. She will also make me check homework or even read books to the whole class.

     Now my second year of high school I intern at P.S 30 in the Bronx. This time I also worked with 1st graders but they were in a bilingual class. This was a whole different class setting. What I learned from this experience was that the children even though had trouble speaking or writing English, they were always willing to work hard and learn new words. The teacher’s name was Mrs. Suarez. These children were special because they always had that energy and interest in working and learning English. Every time that they had a question or didn’t know how to write they will raise their hand and I will go to them. Later they will appreciate my help with a big smile in their faces. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher but this experience made me focus on becoming a bilingual teacher.

     I got accepted to BMCC, Hostos Community College, and La Guardia Community College. I chose La Guardia Community College because this college is known for having students from all over the world. La Guardia is unique and I thought that it had more to offer to me. So far my expectations towards this college haven’t proved me wrong. This is a very friendly college I haven’t had any problems with anyone. If you had any questions they will help you. So far the professors that I've had were all very respectful and not that very hard as the teachers in high school use to say, but some more than others.

     My professional interest is to first finish my two years here at La Guardia and get my Associates Degree. Then I will transfer to a four year college it might probably be to City College. In there I will finish and get my bachelors degree. I see myself in a classroom teaching bilingual children. I would like to help as many students as I can. I would not just only like to help children I will also like to help adults that have problems in English.

     In conclusion being in La Guardia will help me out in accomplishing my goal which is to become a teacher at an elementary school with bilingual students. All these courses that I am taking and the ones that I need to take are important because they will show me the skills needed to become a teacher. Internship will give me even more experience by being in a classroom setting. Hopefully I will accomplish my goal and be teaching students that need my help.


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