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CEP121 - Fundamentals of Professional Advancement

Status: 3 Credits Complete


Course Description:

This introductory Cooperative Education course will help students evaluate career and educational plans, develop professional literacy, and synthesize connections between coursework and professional opportunities. Theories of experiential learning and an overview of career planning will be introduced. Web-based activities, online reading and writing assignments and a pre-internship project will culminate in the development of a professional ePortfolio. This course is a prerequisite for internship placement for students who are in a First Year Academy.

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Course Reflection:  Assignments:


During my Professional Advancement class I gained many tips to improve my chances of being hired by employers. Some of the things I did were making a list of all the skills I possessed.

My professor, Michael Frank gave a lot of real world advice since he used to sort through resumes and dealt with potential employees. I learned how dressing professional and being as professional means a lot when applying for a job. I learned that the resume should be on plain paper with little or no white space but at the same time, should be as legible as possible.The professional advancement  class helped me to enhance skills and further increase my knowledge.

 1. Resume

 2. Personal Statement

Assignment Reflection:
For this class I didn't have as much hardcopy assignments like my others. We focused on building our e-Portfolio online. I enjoyed the e-Portfolio class because I was able to review my past coursework’s. We also were able to develop personal statements and connections which helped to show an employer the type of person you were. I also spent most of my time developing my resume to make it as professional as possible. This class was a pre-requisite to my internship class and I can thankfully say that I look forward to taking my internship now.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.