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Forbes is a enourmous site dedicated primarly to business.Forbes magazine is recognize by many business organization for its articles and news.I use forbes.com to keep up to date on whats going on in the business world.This site is also great to see what technologies and people are striving throughout the world.


LaGuardia Community College


Being a student of LaGuardia I visit this site numerous times a day. I go here to visit my e-portfolio, email and the Blackboard. I use blackboard and LaGuardia email frequently. LaGuardia usually sends most of its important information electronically, so it’s the best way for me to keep up to date. I also  use this website to access CunyFirst which helps me to register for classes and pay my tuition through this site.




This site provides me basic information on Adobe Products. I visit Adobe to view tutorials about adobe programs. Adobe is important to me because I use it on a daily basis to get my work done. Adobe flash is very good for presentations, movies and visual effects. I rely on this site for the detail information it gives and all its balanced ideas. This site is very helpful, it provides a wide array of global and profession products which can be used by students and businesses.




This website provides me with a lot of research materials. I use it for its newspaper archives and other journals. It is available free through the LaGuardia college library. It is very helpful since I can use it to find resources and data that are not readily available from Google.


The New York Times


The New York Times is a daily American newspaper. I read it on a daily basis to keep up with the news. Its also great for research materials since it has a huge reputation.The newspaper has been around since 1851 so it also has a huge archive that can be used to do research.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.