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ENG 101- Composition I: An Introduction to Expository Writing

Status: 3 Credits Completed

Course Description:

In this course students focus on the process of writing clear, correct and effective expository essays in response to materials drawn from culturally diverse sources.  Emphasis is placed on using various methods of organization appropriate to the writer's purpose and audience. Students are introduced to argumentation, fundamental research methods and documentation procedures.  Students write frequently both in and out of class.

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 Course Reflection:Course Assignments:
My English class was pretty basic similar to the coursework I had done in my previous English class in high school. We focused mainly on developing essays and learning how to write a good research paper. Some of the focus was towards the organization of an essay for instance developing the thesis and the topic sentences. We read many short stories which helped us write different types of essays such as argumentative, comparative and contrast and literary analysis essays. This class was a pleasure because it kept me thinking about English and helped me to develop my writing in general.

1. Argumentative Essay

2.Comparative and Contrast Essay

3.Literary Analysis Essay

4. Research Paper

Assignment Reflection:

I enjoy reading and writing so doing essays for this class wasn't a chore to me. My first Argumentative Essay "Go Green" deals with environmental issues and how people can change the world. It’s a topic that I strongly believe in. The "Go Green" movement is a conservation movement which tries to limit the amount of greenhouse gases and other toxins in the atmosphere. My Comparative and Contrast essay deals with two of the stories that I read in class, Langston Hughes's "Salvation" and George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant". Both of these stories deal with life choices and persuasion of society. It’s an issue that we still deal with on a daily basis and sometimes we question the choices we made in life.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.