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ENG 102- Expository Writing

Status: 3 Credits Completed

Course Description:

This course extends and intensifies the work of Composition I, including research methods and documentation procedures. Students are introduced to close-reading techniques to develop critical thinking and writing skills through the study of culturally diverse works in poetry and at least two other literary genres.

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Course Reflection:Assignments:
At first, I didn’t enjoy the fact that my English class was based mainly on the works of poetry. I love reading poetry but to be it was harder to write poetry than writing short stories. Thankfully though we had the choice of writing poetry or short stories for our assignments. My Professor was amazing and did a good job to extend from what I learned in my previous class, English 101.We focused more on structure, grammar and organization of essays.

1.Close Reading of Euripede's Medea

2.Close Reading of Cathedral

3.Close Reading of The Garden of Forking path

4.Close Reading of The Library of Babel

5.Close Reading of Wolfgang Amedeus Bigfoot

6.Close Reading of Where Are You Going?

Assignment Reflection:

For one of my essays I wrote about the tragedy, "Euripides’s Medea", a famous Greek short story. I enjoy reading about Greek mythology, so it was fun writing this story. For those who never read Medea, the story deals with a woman who kills both of her kids and gets away with it.

She kills her kids to spite her husband who committed adultery. It is still debated today that some feels that Medea is justified or she was crazy. Another one of my essays was about the Garden of Forking path, which was a very complex short story. The story can be looked as the idea behind "Inception" the movie. Technically it was the idea behind the movie. The story deals with a person traveling through different realities but you never really know what reality he was really in and what path was taken. It was very hard to critically analyze this story but it was exciting to try to figure it out.
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