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HUN 195 - Art in NY

Status: 3 Credits Completed

Course Description:

Through first-hand experience using the museums, galleries, critics, and collectors of New York City, students will examine the form and content of multicultural range of painting, drawing, outsider art, craft, and sculpture. Museum and gallery visits, as well as a visit to a working artist's studio, will comprise major portions of this course. The class will discuss and write the exhibitions to explore the nature of art criticism.

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Course Reflection: Assignments:

This class was very practical because we went to many museums and art displayed throughout the New York. The experience I got during this class

 has been unforgettable. I was able to see artwork in a way I would have never seen without this class. At the end of this class I saw art and artists in a

 difference way and was able to accept abstract and minimalistic works.I enjoyed this class very much because it was a totally new experience for me. I had never paid much attention to the magnificient work of artists and their beautiful artwork.


2. MoMA

3. PowerPoint

4.Final Essay

5. Practical Art Criticism

6. Salvador Dali

7. Surrealism

8. The City of Mahogany

9.The Ways of Seeing

10.Whitney Museum

Assignment Reflection:

For my Art in NY class we spent most of the class visiting museums all

over New York. Some of the places we went to was  Museum of Modern Arts,

Whitney Museum and Metropolitan Museum. We also spent a lot of times debating

the idea that Fine Arts major isn't as easy as some of the students in the class thought it was.

Being a fine arts major means you are looking to be an expert at fine arts.

We discussed many of the movements of art such as surrealism, Renaissance, Cubism and Minimalism
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.