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Mat 115 - College Algebra and Trigonometry

Status: 3 Credits Completed

Course Description:

This course will start with a review of basic algebra (factoring, solving linear equations and equalities, etc.) and proceed to a study of polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.  These functions will be used in applications involving simple mathematical modeling where students will engage in inquiry activities aimed at improving critical-thinking skills.I gained alot of knowledge which I can use for my Pre-Calculus class in the Fall.

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Course Reflection:Assignments:
My College Algebra and Trigonometry class was one of my favorite classes at LaGuardia Community Colleges. Not only did we cover the full syllabus for college algebra and trigonometry but we also did many real world applications. Our Professor, Reem Jaafar made it very easy for us to connect examples with real world phenomenon and I enjoyed the class for this reason.

 1, Should For-Profit Colleges Receive Funding Fenderal Funding.

2.Car Loans and Student Loans


Assignment Reflection:

At first it was kind of weird doing research paper and projects for a math class but actually doing it helped me see Math in the real world. I learned about the differences between public colleges versus private colleges. The debate my professor asked us to research was if Private College who are For-Profit, should be able to get federal funding from the government. Another project helped me to see the difference buying a car at full price versus paying in installments. I learned that it is always better to pay full price for an item because the interest accrued may be avoidable.







DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.