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To utilize my computer science degree with a leading software company
EDUCATIONLaGuardia Community College
9/11-Present                 Long Island City, NY
 Major: Computer Science

Will receive an Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science


Relevant Courses: College Algebra and Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus


G-III Leather Inc.

Jersey City, NJ

Inventory Keeper

Relocated supplies and exchanged items from the warehouse and inventory. Coordinated and supervised new employees to achieve their full potential. Completed assigned tasks and stored information with computers in a prompt manner.

SKILLSProfessional Strengths:

Ability to adapt to changes in organization or industry sector

Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills

Quick learner and ability to work under pressure

General knowledge of Database Techniques, OS and Data Structures

Possess good management and organizational skills

Ability to work in a team and under pressure

Good motivator, enthusiastic and open to learn new ideas

Knowledge of recognizing and analyzing information problems

Ability to handle multiple tasks

 Technical Proficiency:

Operating systems: Windows, Command Prompt, Mac OS X

Presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash and Adobe Edge

Arts and Graphic: Some knowledge  of Adobe Air and Adobe Photoshop

Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel

Word Processing: Microsoft Word

Database: Microsoft Access, Basic SQL and MS Dos

 Personal Qualities:
 Effective communication, computer and technical literacy, positive attitude and energy, problem solving and creativity, effective listener, flexible and adaptable, team work skills, decision maker, professionalism and work ethic