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Hello! My name is Omesh Harrylall. Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

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       This e-portfolio will showcase my work from the past and my future endeavors.I am currently in my first year at LaGuardia Community College seeking an Associate’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I enjoy helping others and by tutoring others it makes me feel accomplished and also keeps the materials from being forgotten.  Please feel free to look at all the coursework and all of the achievements that are showcased on this website. 

"A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human." - Alan Turing

      I like this quote not only because it is from one of the greatest mathematicians and computer scientists, but because it is very witty and true. Many people believe computers are smarter than them, but they do not realize computers need human intervention to complete tasks. It is also why they enjoy a science fiction movie that deals with robots taking over the world or interacting like a human. It is funny knowing how far artificial intelligence and computers have come.


 Watson the computer beats jeopardy champions.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.