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What is the Peer Advisor Academy?


At LaGuardia, advisement is now carried out by Advising Teams composed of faculty and staff working together with each academic major. Nursing majors are advised by the Nursing Team, Business Administration majors by the Business Administration Team, and so on. Every major has a team, and every team has a written guide to advising procedures in that major. Click here to see a comprehensive list of all the advising teams and their advising guides, along with key information and links to other student resources about advising. You can also log in to your My LaGuardia page for access to additional important resources.


The Peer Advisor Academy has recruited and trained hundreds of LaGuardia students since the  inception of the program to help fellow students plan their academic futures. Peer advisors will work with students on understanding program curricula and how to navigate the College environment. They will also assist advisement team faculty and staff with events, communication, and other important work connected with team activity.


Peers will receive paid training (attending the training is mandatory!) and will work 10-15 hours per week. The Peer Advisor will build leadership, communication and teamwork skills while helping LaGuardia students advance toward graduation.


Interested in becoming a Peer Advisor? Find out more by clicking here.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.