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        Hi, my name is Sanam Sherpa, and I am currently a registered nurse student at LaGuardia Community College. This portfolio serves as a collection of my professional and academic experience that have made up my college journey a great learning exploration so far.


Being a girl, born and raised in Nepal, I had always wanted to involve in a community service program to serve the needy people and to be able to make better changes in their lives. I had never thought today I would be in the United States pursuing my passion in the nursing field.

                  "No joy can equal the joy of serving others." -Sai Baba

           It started five years ago when I was an accountant at the Carpet Manufacturing Company in Nepal. Helping uneducated weavers to get the track of their production status and motivating them to keep a record of their wages has made me proud of my commitment. I found myself doing the job with hard work and full dedication as I was able to help people somehow.


Then, in 2014, my colleagues and I successfully organized a donation program at the Differently Abled Rehabilitation Center in Nepal. We collected Rs. 20,000 and provided new clothes to 24 children during Dashain, which is one of the auspicious festivals in Nepal. Meeting with those children and learning about their courage and faith towards the lives gave me a strong motivation to work harder consistently even under the most challenging conditions. Today, my motivation and enthusiasm to connect with people have led me in the United States, and I hope to continue work hard for what I have aimed in my life.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.