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"In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible." 

- From my fortune cookie

Short term goal


My short term goal is to graduate from LaGuardia with an honorable GPA and continue my education at Baruch majoring in Business Management. Baruch offers a lot of hands on experience with special programs and trainings provided. Therefore, I know Baruch would be a great fit for me in order to advance academically. In addition I'll take a HR Certification course that would help me move up the corporate ladder quickly. In order to be eligible to take the course I must first have at least 2 years in the HR Professional field.



Long term goal

My long term goal is to be in a management position as an HR manager or director for a prestigious hotel and casino, resort or any corporate travel industry. The perks that would come with working with a travel company would suit me well. I love to travel and would love to visit as many countries as I can and learn different cultures. Life has so much to offer and I believe having an open mind is very important to understand one another.  My ultimate goal is to partner with someone and open a hotel on a tropical island one day. I would also love to learn one more language either Italian or French. I'm already fluent in Spanish and knowing more than 2 would definitely help in the travel industry.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.