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How are you feeling during the summer? Slow and lazy or energized? Some of us may  feel very vibrant but this state is rather sensitive and a wave of heat may change it into a slow motion. Summer is the time of high activity and intensity for most plants and animals but many of them curl their leafs or crush for a mid day nap in heat exhaustion.


Summer practice of Tai Chi responds to this boosted but highly sensitive energy states. Some individuals may become extremely sensitive to the time of day, weather conditions and other factors like moon phases. As practice progresses over time, this sensitivity may become more obvious and intense but less disturbing.

During hot days preferred time for practice may be in the morning before the temperatures get really hot and then later during the day towards the evening when they fade. In general practice during the thunderstorms, tornadoes, heavy rains or thick fog is discouraged due to extreme conditions and unpredictable results. Similarly practice in the mid day in the full sunshine may not be a good idea for most people unless ... it feels really good. Having any doubts whether the conditions are appropriate one could practice "lightly" for few minutes and then carefully examine the body and mind for any unpleasant changes before progressing into "intense" practice.

Practicing around full moon may be spectacular for some sensitive individuals. However, if done in excess, may prevent from falling asleep for few days.


In general summer practice is lighter, softer and more gentle than during other seasons. Particular attention should be paid to the breath, its patterns, depth and strenght.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.