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Welcome to my ePortfolio!




My name is Tatjana Sevilla. I live in the Bronx, NY. Currently I am in my last semester at LaGuardia Community College.


I am here to showcase who I am, what I have accomplished 

and what I plan to accomplish.  

Upon viewing my e-Portfolio you will also see my interests,

hobbies and my experience at my internship.







Be brave. Take risks. 

 Nothing can substitute experience!

 -Paul Coelho

I chose the above quote by Paul Coelho because it is true, word for word. 

One cannot learn from something that has not been tried. We are here to make mistakes, learn and create. We are meant to live to the fullest and do everything we want. Make our time on this earth worth the joyride.

The only person that can hold us back from what we want to achieve is our own self.


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