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LaGuardia Community College - Believe it or not, I am constantly on LaGuardia Community College's website. It keeps me up to date if there are any schedule changes, if there are any event going on and I can access my ePortfolio.


The New York Times - I use the New York Times to keep up with the news. Sometimes I am too busy with school work, projects or running other errands. So the New York Times website helps keep me on my toes.


Free Fashion Internships - I use this website when I am looking for internships. This website is a very useful because it ranges in positions and gives you the opportunity to apply to a variety of companies. 


Refinery29 - I use this website because it is up to date with all the fashion trends. They discuss everything from fashion news, sample sales, to beauty. Since I do want to get in the fashion field, I find this site very helpful. 


Yuli Ziv - I use this website because Yuli Ziv is such a self starter and an inspiration. She is an entrepreneur and is in the know with social media in the fashion industry. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.