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Contributor Biographies


B R IA N  A L A R C O N is a young artist living in New York City. Though he partakes in various art forms, his main approaches are writing, acting and photography. He is an editor of a zine debuting this summer, and has won a fair amount of awards and publications for his conceptual photography.


C H R I S T I A N  A N S E L M is a twenty two year old Queens native. This is his second semester at LaGuardia and he is currently pursuing his degree in New Media Technology. The inspiration to write his poem came from a subway map on the E train, which reminded him of a diagram of the human circulatory system.


C H R I S T I N A  A Q U I N O is a twenty year old college student striving for success. She is not climbing the ladder of success to be rich; to her every level of success is determined by your goals. She grew up in Spanish Harlem, her mother raised her. She has been writing since she was 11 and she will never stop. Where words fail, literature succeeds.


N A T H A N  B A I L E Y was born in Ft. Wayne, Ind., but grew up in Maine in the very small woodland town of Minot. In 2005 he joined the U.S. Navy as a photographer and journalist and worked in Keflavik, Iceland as a broadcast journalist. In 2010 he was selected to work for Stars and Stripes, a 1st news media organization at their pacific bureau headquarters in Tokyo, Japan where he covered the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Tohoku, Japan. In 2013 he left the Navy for New York City to begin studies at LaGuardia Community College.


G A B R I E L  C A B R E R A is a graduate of LaGuardia Community College. He is currently enrolled at Queens College where he is completing his MFA in Creative Writing.


M A T T H E W  E I C H E L B E R G E R was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania where he developed an early interest in writing, literature, and foreign languages. He attended the University of Pittsburgh for a short time as a French major, but, hating it, decided to drop out and move to NYC. It is a decision he has never regretted. Right now he is a Writing and Literature major at LaGuardia and will go on to Hunter to continue his major, with the hopes of obtaining a Master’s Degree in ESL education.


E M I L Y  E R N A U is a Writing and Literature major at LaGuardia Community College.


D E I R D R E  F L O O D recently received an AA in Writing and Literature from LAGCC. She usually writes creative non-fiction and poetry but has begun to dabble in fiction and prose. She has received awards from Random House, the YoungArts New York Regionals, and the Police Athletic League’s competition in art and poetry. Deirdre is a Muggle, although she surely has fearie blood in her. She has lived in Queens, New York her whole life. She is a reigning Rock Paper Scissors Champion and competitive chain link fence hopper.


S E A N  G E R N A N T was born in and attended high school in New Jersey. He’s lived all over the northeast including New Hampshire, New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York, and even spent a little time down south. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their two-year-old son. Sean has worked in manufacturing, IT, transportation, healthcare, advertising, and corporate finance. After having spent the last two years working as an EMT in New York City, he has decided to return to college to complete a degree in Education with a concentration in English in the hopes he can use his love of reading and his experience writing to help students in public schools come to understand their world through literature and to express themselves through the written word.


M E L I S S A  M A R U L A N D A is a Liberal Arts: Math and Science major at LaGuardia Community College.


I R A  M.  M O N T A N O is a Liberal Arts major at LaGuardia Community College.


K I M B E R L Y  M O R A L E S was born and raised in Brooklyn. She is a Liberal Arts major at LaGuardia and after she graduates she hopes to major in English and Women Studies at Hunter. As a working class Latina she finds trying to communicate the realities of oppressed people to be extremely important. She hopes to contribute to creating fundamental social change through her writing.


J E S S I C A  M’ S I H I D was born and raised in Paris. She moved to New York City four years ago in order to follow her passion and study film. She went to the Lee Strasberg Institute for two years and studied the Acting method. After getting her degree, she worked on the TV show What Not To Wear as a stylist assistant for one year. Among other things, she worked on a movie set as a French coach for the actress Kelly Reilly, as well as creating video clips for her personal training. After one year of exploration and opportunities, she decided to go back to college in order to get her Bachelor of Art in Film Production, as her goal would be to become a film producer. Thus, after LaGuardia Community College, she plans to attend Brooklyn College.


T Y L E A H  R H I N E prefers to be called Tye. She is 18 years old and she has been writing for most of her life. She’s not sure what to say in this biography because she doesn’t think anyone can accurately condense their lives into 100 words. If they can then maybe they’re doing something wrong, haha. She guesses she could say that she’s a cancer survivor. She deals with self-harm. And she’s learning to deal with her mental illness efficiently. But she also guesses she could say a lot more than that.


R A N D E V A  S I M P K I N S is still described as under average height and a lover of commas and run-on sentences. She does not identify as a writer, but someone that has a love of words and descriptions. She is a Writing & Lit major at LAGCC.


S H A W N  S T E R R E T T was born in the Bronx, NY. He composed and performed his first poem when he was seven years old after his mother passed away. Being raised all over the city he has seen many things worth mentioning. He is an Operation Iraqi Freedom, Marine Corps Veteran. He majors in Business Management: International Business Option. He has performed in many venues all around the New York City area, including the Nuyorican Poets Café. He considers his poetry Spoken Word Art as he attempts to paint a picture with the words he speaks.


M A X  T A M B U R I is a Writing and Literature Major at LaGuardia Community College and a member of the Creative Writing Club.


J U L I O  C.  T R I N I D A D is a Theater major at LaGuardia Community College



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