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Can I Get

by Gemma Rossi


Definitely. Can I get a Bullit bourbon on the rocks with a splash of water?

Oh, you don’t? I

thought you did. Ok, Makers is good. I will do a Negra Modelo then. That’s

alright. Thank you.

Thank you. Sorry. I think I have someone waiting. Somos quatro. We are

four. Can we sit here

actually? I think we’re good. Hi honey, how are you? Two. Can we sit in the

front? Thank you.

Regular is fine. This is great. Did you guys have a steak with wasabi

mashed potatoes? Oh yea?

OK. Oh. Alright. Ok. I’ll have the this. And I’m going to do the skirt

steak. Let’s do it medium.

Can we have more chips please? Can I make a reservation for 8:30? We are

four. Wait. Hold on.

Okay. We are six then. We are going to be six. I want a reservation for

six. No I want to keep this

reservation. We switched. We’re big people. We used to be your size thirty

years ago. Thanks.

Hola, mi familia esta atras. Ok honey. Yum. We’re going to get a bottle of

red. What do you like

between the Hacienda del Plata and the Don David? We’ll go with that one.

Hello. Hello. I went

there before and I would like come for my boyfriend’s birthday and I would

like to make a

reservation. We are two or three. Oh.That’s annoying. Do you have cake? I

think we’re ready.

We’re gonna start with empanadas. We want spinach and ham and cheese. I’ll

have the aged

bone in shell steak. Medium. Medium Well. Hahahahahahhaha. I’ll have the

rib eye. Medium

rare. Can I just have a glass of wine at your bar? Wooops. Sorry. Thank you

honey. Ya. If you

don’t mind. I’ll have another sangria. We are two. Is there space in the

back? Is this the

Argentinean place? I would like to eat something. I would prefer a table.

Thanks. Regular. Tap.

In the window. Uh. I’m fine. I’m okay. Yes I am. Are you? I’ll have

enchiladas and a glass of

pinot noir. Thanks. What’s up? I am meeting someone here who is here. We

are two. Thank you

very much. Thank you very much. Great. Thanks. Those were just like

Argentina. Those were

incredible. I think we’re fine. Thanks. I think it’s colder back here. Or

what? Sparkling.

Beautiful. Oooooohhhhh. Oh it’s great. Yes. Can we get this by the glass? I

have a question about

steaks. She just, she has this. She doesn’t like grizzle. I’ll have a

porterhouse. Okay. Can we also

have an order of brussel sprouts? Please? Hi. I’m uh, ehem. I’m waiting for

someone. Ya. I’m

debating. Bar. Is someone sitting here? I’m expecting a friend. Okay. Do

you have a drink menu?

Thanks. Can we order a bottle of wine? Can we have the Hacienda del

cabernet? Is it possible?

Do you have a bottle open? Can I taste it? It’s good. I’m still on it. Very

good. I think we’ll try. I

think we’ll go for it. We will do this one. Can you tell me where the

restroom is? Thank you. Do

you speak spanish? It was Navarro Correas. I’d like to know if you have

room for eight. In

fifteen minutes. Mark. Ok. Can I place an order for delivery? Can we look

at a menu? Hi. I’m

meeting someone here. I’ll have mine medium to medium rare. I’ll do medium.

Awesome. Thank

you. I thought a short rib was ribs. I’ll have another glass too. No. I

would like a coffee. A small

one, but a real one. And the check as well. Una pregunta. Oh I’m sorry. Do

you accept credit

cards? Thanks. I’m meeting a friend. Remember I was here last time and sat

here? What was the

steak I wanted? I want it bloody. Ok. Medium well. What is that? Do you

guys have any

ketchupy kind of thing? Ya, ketchup. You may very well have more french

visitors here. Thanks.

Ya we want the menu, but we’re not going to order anything. Can I get this

to go? Can I have a

fork and knife? I don’t know I’ve never had snapper before. Thank you so

much. Thanks. Hey,

I’m back. We are three. Thanks darling. I’m taking entrana with medium

cooked. Can I ask you

what the specials are? Hi, how are you? how are you? Fine. Thank you. Hello

Darling, what

beers do you have on draft? Can you say those again? I want a dark beer. I

work for them. What

beers do you have? I’ll have the first one you said. And we’ll have a

bottle of pinot grigio.


Entrana. Medium rare. Oh, can we get brussel sprouts too? I don’t want

water. I want iced tea.

You have unsweetened iced tea? Is this spicy by the way? I think we’re

good. Ya, we’re good.

You have only one salad? We’ll have the ceviche de hamachi. Hi, table for

two. Have you heard

of this french travel guide? That’s it. That is the one we’ll have. Thank

you honey. Could you

tell me who is playing this song? Can we have the check? Oh, you can’t see

the album even? Oh

cause I play the guitar and I like to pick up new songs to play. Oh, well

what do you think? Ok.

I’ll have a margarita, but with this. Ya, on the rocks. Hi, I was wondering

if there was a wait for a

table right now. For two. Thanks. Okay. Thank you honey. It was so good.

Hi, good. Thank you.

Enjoy. Can I have Manhattan on the rocks? What is your well bourbon? Do you

have Bullit?

And salsa criolla? And poblano pure? Medium. Medium rare. And for the wine.

Great! Thanks.

Okay. So sangria. Two sangrias. Other. I’ll have that. The eggplant is

what, breaded? The

parillada is for two? Yah. Ok. So we have one. A costillita de cerdo. Can I

get some bread with




Photo Credit: Jorge Buenaventena

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.